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Here is the accumulation of works created in the between May and June of 2022. A springtime of melting, like all springtimes.

Left as They Are

At the summer camp that I work at, one of the first things that we teach our campers is that a flower is lovely to look at, but not to trample. Grass is lovely to touch, but not to yank out of the ground by the handful. We talk about why we make the lovingContinue reading “Left as They Are”


Bison wool, cattail fluff, hair of the artist, wood, locally sourced clay fired by Carolina Araneda. I put myself into the shoes of a woman who lives in the sod house as I made yarn from materials that I gathered, prepared, and spun on site at FortWhyte Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A spinneret is the name ofContinue reading “Spinneret”

Worth More Standing

These are photos from the site of the Ada’itsx / Fairy Creek blockade on unceded Pacheedaht territory, otherwise known as Southern Vancouver Island, British Colombia, where land defenders are taking the last stand to protect old growth forest from being logged by Teal Jones Group. To find out ways to support the Rainforest Flying Squad,Continue reading “Worth More Standing”

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